In Loving Memory ..... until we meet again

The Rainbow Bridge 

"Wherever a beautiful soul has been, there is a trail of wonderful memories"

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We were very sorry to hear the news about alumi, Elmer, passing in May 2020.  His family shared this loving tribute:

He was diagnosed with DCM in January 2020 and although we took him to a cardiologist in Madison and had him on all the meds they recommended, he was struggling in the warmer weather and we had to make the difficult decision to let him go.  We adopted him from you 6 years ago and he was very loved.  Thank you for rescuing him and allowing us the opportunity to love him for as long as we did.


I adopted Abby in Oct.2013 from DRAWI.  She touched so many lives and hearts in our time together.  In 2015, Abby became a therapy dog and registered with the Human Animal Bond in Tennessee (HABIT). Abby visited Senior Homes, High Schools and  became a regular at local university for the staff and students.  She loved her long walks, every piece of food she could get, her belly rubs and to snuggle. Abby exuded love with anyone she met. She was my protector and most of all my best friend.  (Lisa North & Abby pictured)

Abby succumbed to cancer 4/22/20.  Run free Miss Abby. ❤️


Sweet Baron Von Doberman, you never made it out of your foster home to your forever home but you were very loved by us all.  We can only hope and pray that you are running with Dash A Man over the bridge.  Run free sweet boy, RIP 12/01/19



Our Dream came to us after having a very rough time in her former life and DRAWI saved her.  We met Dream and immediately fell in love with her and adopted her on the spot.  Her foster mom, Mary-an angel in her own right-told us that Dream lived up to her name and she was right.  She loved to dance and loved the Jay's potato chips right out of the cannister that fit oh so perfect in her mouth.  She loved her rescued brother, Lincoln, but boy she sure loved her mom the most!  She was so loved by the vet and the techs as well, they could do what they wanted and she never complained.  We are grateful to the rescue(DRAWI) for having faith in a dog like Dream and allowing her to live her last couple of years to be her best!  The heartbreak of loosing a Doberman is hard for all, but the great times we had and the love she gave us will live forever in our minds and hearts.  Until we meet again, sweet and gentle Dream, may you have all the dog bones you want over the bridge!  We miss you, Dream....



Saturday afternoon, July 27 2019,  we had to say goodbye to our sweet, dear Dash. While cancer may have won in the end, we are so very thankful that we had the opportunity to rescue this boy and give him the love he deserved. His foster momma misses him very travels Dash-A-Man, you will always have a piece of our hearts.  


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