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We love to hear wonderful stories about how your Doberman changed your life.  To add your story, if you have adopted from us,  please email us at:



















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I am so grateful to have little Miss Coco with me. She's a petite ball of energy and she keeps me on my toes. She shares the house with me, a 14 year old kitty and an 11 year old doggy sister. She even gets my old girl to play occasionally, which is a beautiful sight. Poor Maggie came to me at 3 years old, not really knowing how to play. Coco keeps trying to teach her. She's my first Dobie who likes to play frisbee and OMG is she adorable when she sits in front of me wagging her slightly longer than normal nub. Thank you DRAWI for bringing this little joy into my life!


Here's s picture of Capone, his sister, Eva adores him, and we can't imagine life without him around. He runs and runs outside and is a perfect little housemate also.
To say he is a "unique one" is a gross understatement.
We love him!!!

Mr. Capone getting yard crazy:



We love to hear all about our former DRAWI Alumni. We have this update from his awesome family, he was adopted in October of 2016

"We just love him and is a great addition to our family. He’s an energetic boy with a huge personality! He filled out nicely and is now 110lbs and taller than the average Doberman, being able to reach well over kitchen counter. We have a mini horse "

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