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As a dog lover I’ve been asked during the course of adopting a dog “why a Doberman?”  Anyone who has owned one knows that they are loving, devoted and sensitive.
In May of 2017 we adopted a 5-year-old Doberman named Summer through the Doberman Rescue Alliance of Wisconsin (DRAWI).  She is the fifth Doberman I have owned but is the first one that has been older at the time she came to live with us.  She has totally integrated into our home and gets along well with my little dog who was 9 years old at the time.
I had been searching for that special dog for some time to no avail.  I finally told my grandchildren that if they could find one on line for me there would be a finder’s fee resulting from a successful adoption.  About a year after the offer was made one of my granddaughters called me at 10:30 one Sunday night to tell me there was a Doberman available on the DRW website.  We applied, were ultimately approved and Summer came to her forever home.  I simply adore her and keep loving her more every day.  (Needless to say, my granddaughter was happy with her finder’s fee as well.)
The day after we brought her home my sister, also a dog lover, came to help celebrate Summer’s arrival and brought a beautiful bouquet of red roses and toys for both of my dogs.
My husband and I want to thank our two contact people, Mary and Jill, for helping to make this such a positive experience for us and for the work they do to help find these special dogs find their forever homes.



So happy this pair got adopted together, their new family had this to say:

We are trying to get Coop to drop some weight and put
some weight on Stella. She is eating well now and they have had a great time in our
office greeting clients as they come in. Here is a picture of them on the
couch in the office. They have made themselves at home in the office and our house
as well as our hearts. Love them dearly. They are so snuggly, you should see us all
squish on the love seat. So there is Coop, Stella and Grace our other dog, Sam and I
and sometimes we get Forrest the cat.  


Another awesome story is Sirabi, a DRAWI alumni from 2014. What a beautiful and smart girl. Her owner shares this with us:

Sirabi was adopted in February 2014 & we have never looked back..She is a certified Therapy Dog who loves to meet her people each day..never a dull minute around our house..we are always on the go...We would also like to share that she had achieved her Phd. In C.L.A.S. S. training.


Peace, Love and Rescue tails....Princess and Sampson were adopted by the same families in two separate homes.
Princess's family had this to say:
Princess is doing fine. She's adapted well to our home and Sampson is her favorite play partner, we love her!

Sampson's family had this say about him:
Sampson is doing very well. We love him and enjoy everyday with him. . We love him more and more everyday. He loves to play with Gracie (my cat) she tolerates him and they actually get along pretty well as she is an attention lover as well. He has the best personality and we could not be happier with the decision to rescue him, thank you!

We love hearing wonderful stories like these

Princess   and  Sampson

Schaetze now known as Riley

It's me,Riley!

 I just turned a year old and I am still full of puppy. I love to run and run outside. My brother can run faster than me but we run together out in the woods. I have been spoiled since day one. I love to challenge my mom daily. It's my way or the highway. I am attached to my mom and dad, I go where they go and don't like when they leave me behind. I am your true velcro dog. My mom makes all these homemade treats and I'm the best taste tester. My brother puts up with me but he is much bigger and does set me straight when I get my daily zoomies. Life is good here!

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