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We love to hear wonderful stories about how your Doberman changed your life.  To add your story, if you have adopted from us,  please email us at:



















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Kaja's Family is in love with her and sends this picture along with this note:

"Didn't she turn into a beautiful girl?  It's taken me all these months to finally get a good picture of her because she never stops moving"  

Lucky Dobergirl and family!!

Schaetze now known as Riley

It's me,Riley!

 I just turned a year old and I am still full of puppy. I love to run and run outside. My brother can run faster than me but we run together out in the woods. I have been spoiled since day one. I love to challenge my mom daily. It's my way or the highway. I am attached to my mom and dad, I go where they go and don't like when they leave me behind. I am your true velcro dog. My mom makes all these homemade treats and I'm the best taste tester. My brother puts up with me but he is much bigger and does set me straight when I get my daily zoomies. Life is good here!


"Luna settled right in and unpacked her suitcase within about 20 minutes of getting inside of the house. Her and Capone get along 100%. They take equal turns being submissive in playing, stop in the middle of bones and switch, and don't let too much more than a couple hours go by without a full on hard play session. She enjoys her place in bed and really prefers to spoon. Her presence here really fits in as a nice"forever pack" situation for us, certainly Capone but I think "she's" just in bliss."


Reba has been great! She is by far the happiest Doberman we have ever had (4 so far). She is ecstatic when we come back home, especially for my wife. The kids love her and apart from a warning or two very early on, she gets along very well with our existing Dobe. They are now frequently found lying together, almost always in the exact same position. She is very cuddly and super sweet.

We were just saying today how much we love Reba and we’re happy to have such a wonderful addition

Lady now Zeeva Jean

I just thought I would send you a picture of our Zeeva Jean. We adopted her in April of 2013 from DRAWI. Her name was Lady when we got her  but she has been Zeeva Jean ever since. She stills loves her place on the couch and on our bed.  She is not our first Doberman.   She is just a wonderful girl and we love her. 

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