Adoption Application

Thank you for considering adoption of your next family member through Doberman Rescue Alliance of Wisconsin (DRAW).  All potential adopters must fill out an application so we may thoroughly screen all new prospective homes to ensure all dogs go to acceptable and loving homes.

Before completing the Adoption Application, PLEASE BE CERTAIN that you are ready, able and committed to adopting.  The processing of each application takes precious time.  If you complete the application and later change your mind, we have expended time that could have otherwise been spent on an applicant ready to move forward and provide a dog with a loving home. 

After we receive your completed application, we will check your references and schedule a time for a DRAW volunteer to conduct a home visit. The home visit is not to critique your home, but to see the environment where the dog will live and give us a chance to answer your questions (PLEASE NOTE that all individuals that will reside with the dog must be present at the time of the home visit). Upon completion of the home visit, background check and vet reference check, DRAW will decide whether or not we can place a Doberman in your home. Remember, we are extremely selective in choosing our adopters. We invest time, effort, money, and most importantly LOVE and AFFECTION in these dogs.

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE WILL NOT PLACE RESCUE DOGS IN HOMES WITH YOUNG CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 8 - Small children generally do not have the stress management skills, impulse control or the ability to think abstractly that adults possess.  A small child can unintentionally hurt a dog and the consequences can result in injury to the child.  If a rescue dog injuries a child it will most likely end the life of the dog.  In addition, most rescue dogs have unknown histories so reaction to certain situations is undeterminable.  This policy is in place for the safety of our rescue dogs and adoptive families.

If you are approved, we will begin introducing you to the dogs we have in foster homes. The adoption process involves time and effort, but be patient - we want to ensure that we match you with the right dog. Once a match has been made, we will execute the Adoption Contract, and collect the adoption donation. The fee is $500 for dogs up to 2, $400 for dogs 3 to 7, $200 for 8+ and $100 for special needs.

ADOPTION POLICY – A home visit will be conducted for all qualified applicants.  Please note that we are a Wisconsin based group, and you MUST reside within reasonable distance from a volunteer in order to conduct your home visit and proceed with the processing of your application.  All adopted Dobes must be kept current on vaccines and heartworm prevention. They must reside in the house with their family.  All owners must keep DRAW current on phone and address information. Animals must be returned to DRAW should the new owner be unable to keep them under any circumstance. All pets (cats and dogs) presently residing in the household MUST be spayed or neutered and up to date on vaccinations including rabies. Doberman Rescue Alliance of Wisconsin WILL NOT adopt to anyone charged or convicted of animal abuse, child abuse, any type of abuse or any type of felony and further reserves the right to deny any application based on information contained in public court records.  Doberman Rescue Alliance of Wisconsin is comprised entirely of volunteers who have full-time jobs in addition to their commitment to rescue.  While we strive to keep the process moving along as quickly as possible, we do ask for your patience.  We reserve the right to discontinue communication at any time and reject the application should applicant communicate in a disrespectful, threatening, profane or non-productive manner.  If you are unsure of whether you are eligible to adopt with our group due to your geographic location, or if you have other questions prior to completing this application, please email us at  Thank you!!