Thank you for your interest in adopting a Doberman through Doberman Rescue Alliance of Wisconsin, Inc. (DRAW). All Dobermans placed through DRAW have been spayed or neutered, immunized, heartworm tested and micro-chipped.  The adoption application form can be found at 

**Potential Adopters must be about a four hour radius from one of our foster homes**

Please note our Adoption Policy Requirements:

  • A home visit, vet check and background check will be conducted for all qualified applicants (applicants must be within reasonable distance(4 hour radius) of a Doberman Rescue Alliance of Wisconsin Volunteer) Please call your vet to give permission to release information to our rescue and if renting, please let landlord know we will contact them to verify a dog,  and specifically a Doberman may reside on that property.
  • All adopted Dobes must be kept current on vaccines and heartworm prevention
  • They must reside in the house with their family
  • Owners must keep Doberman Rescue Alliance of Wisconsin current on phone and address information
  • All pets (cats and dogs) presently residing in the household MUST be spayed or neutered and up to date on veterinary care, including vaccinations and heartworm preventative
  • DRAW will not adopt to anyone convicted of animal abuse, child abuse or any type of felony
  • Each application considered on a case by case basis, however fencing is STRONGLY recommended
  • Animals must be returned to Doberman Rescue Alliance of Wisconsin should the new owner be unable to keep them under the specified conditions
  • We reserve the right to discontinue communication at any time and reject the application should applicant communicate in a disrespectful, threatening, profane or non-productive manner.
  • Please note that we will not place rescue dogs in homes with young children (under 8 years old) - Small children generally do not have the stress management skills, impulse control or the ability to think abstractly that adults possess.  A small child can unintentionally hurt a dog and the consequences can result in injury to the child.  If a rescue dog injuries a child it will most likely end the life of the dog.  In addition, most rescue dogs have unknown histories so reaction to certain situations is undeterminable. THERE IS NO EXCEPTION TO THIS POLICY.

Upon completion of the home visit, background check and vet reference check, DRAW will decide whether or not we can place a Doberman in your home.  Remember, we are extremely selective in choosing our adopters. We invest time, effort, money, and most importantly LOVE and AFFECTION in these dogs

We will ask for your preferences regarding sex, color, ears, and personality but cannot stress enough the importance of adopting a dog whose personality and needs match the environment you can provide.

Our non-profit organization is run by dedicated volunteers that give many hours to Doberman Rescue in addition to their own work and family duties. The best reward is knowing they helped a Dobe in need find a loving home. Please have patience with these hard-working, caring individuals as they do their best to work with you as quickly as possible. It will be worth the wait!

The steps in our adoption process are:

1. Commitment - Please seriously consider your lifetime commitment to a dog and confirm that the Doberman breed is a good fit for your life and family before adopting.

2. Adoption Application - Complete and return the adoption application, which can be found under the Navigation menu (to the right) by clicking on "Forms/Applications" and then "Adoption Application".

3. Home Visit & Vet Check - A volunteer will contact you and schedule an appointment to visit your home. The purpose of this visit is to verify the information you provided in your application (i.e., fenced-in yard, crate, etc.) and to ensure that we are matching you with the correct Rescue Doberman for your home environment. We request all members be present at the home visit.  A vet reference check will also be completed. (Please note that the adoption process CANNOT be completed until a home visit has been performed).

4. Application Decision – If the steps above are satisfactory, your application will be approved.  We reserve the right to refuse an applicant if, in our judgment, the home situation is not compatible with the needs of a Doberman, if the breed is not suitable for the applicant, if the applicant has a criminal record or if the vet check is not satisfactory.

5. Determine Potential Matches - After the home visit & vet check, if your application is approved, you will be contacted by an Adoption Coordinator who will discuss available dogs that may be a good match for you.

6. Meet Potential Matches - Your Adoption Coordinator will then schedule a time for you to meet potential matches. It may take some time to find the right dog for you, and we will do our best to continue the search for a compatible dog.

7. Adoption Contract & Donation - You will be required to complete an Adoption Contract at the time of adoption. An adoption donation of $500 for dogs up to two years old/$400 for dogs three to seven years old/$200 for eight plus years old/$100 for special needs or a Doberman mix is requested at the time of the adoption. This donation helps reimburse DRAW for costs incurred on behalf of the rescue dogs.  All adoption fees should be made payable to Doberman Rescue Alliance of Wisconsin, Inc.

8. Follow Up – An Adoption Coordinator will contact you post-adoption to confirm you and your new family member are happy.  If, for any reason, the adoption is not satisfactory, Doberman Rescue Alliance of Wisconsin requires that the dog be returned to DRAW. DRAW retains the right to reclaim any rescue dog that is neglected, improperly cared for, or allowed to roam free.

Thank you for your patience during this process.  We know that the desire to have a companion can be overwhelming.  Our group is comprised entirely of volunteers, and we will do our best to move through this process as quickly as possible.

Ready to start?  Please fill out an adoption application found at