Volunteer / Foster


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Volunteer or foster home for Doberman Rescue Alliance of Wisconsin!  Your help is essential in the commitment to help Dobes in need!

What we ask from you

Please note:

Foster to Adopt or "Trial" Placement Prior to Adoption – Because of liability issues, we cannot offer ‘foster to adopt’ arrangements or place a dog in a home on a 'trial' basis prior to adoption.   

We ask that our foster homes provide love, attention and day to day necessities including food.  The more sociable and well trained a dog is, the easier they are to place.  Any training or socialization work you are able to assist with is extremely appreciated.  Periodic updates and photos are appreciated, and they can be used to keep the website listings current to help generate interest in the dog. 

We follow the same protocol for new volunteers as we do for adopters.  We would do a vet and background check and a home visit if you wanted to foster.  We also will not place any foster dogs in homes with children under eight(please see our adoption policies regarding that) and we ask that a volunteer commit to at least twelve hours of volunteer time per year.

To apply to be a volunteer and/or foster, please complete a Volunteer application found  here:  http://www.drawi.org/forms/

If you have additional questions, please contact us at dobierescuewi@gmail.com. Your help will make the difference to a Dobe in need!!