In Loving Memory ..... until we meet again


Another sweet DRAWI alumi, Miss P(Penelope) passed away on 06/29/2020

Thank you Doberman Rescue Alliance of Wisconsin,Inc for just over 2 years of love
and companionship. Penelope (Miss P) was a good girl. She was a great companion, loved to cuddle and always made us laugh. We felt blessed giving her the best two years of her life.

On May 5, 2020, another sweet DRAWI alumni, Abby passed across the rainbow bridge from spleen cancer. She was adopted in 2016 and as you can see, went on to live a wonderfully awesome life in four years. Big hugs to her family as they navigate life without her.heartbroken heart




We were very sorry to hear the news about alumi, Elmer, passing in May 2020.  His family shared this loving tribute:

He was diagnosed with DCM in January 2020 and although we took him to a cardiologist in Madison and had him on all the meds they recommended, he was struggling in the warmer weather and we had to make the difficult decision to let him go.  We adopted him from you 6 years ago and he was very loved.  Thank you for rescuing him and allowing us the opportunity to love him for as long as we did.

I adopted Abby in Oct.2013 from DRAWI.  She touched so many lives and hearts in our time together.  In 2015, Abby became a therapy dog and registered with the Human Animal Bond in Tennessee (HABIT). Abby visited Senior Homes, High Schools and  became a regular at local university for the staff and students.  She loved her long walks, every piece of food she could get, her belly rubs and to snuggle. Abby exuded love with anyone she met. She was my protector and most of all my best friend.  (Lisa North & Abby pictured)

Abby succumbed to cancer 4/22/20.  Run free Miss Abby. ❤️


Sweet Baron Von Doberman, you never made it out of your foster home to your forever home but you were very loved by us all.  We can only hope and pray that you are running with Dash A Man over the bridge.  Run free sweet boy heartRIP 12/01/19


We miss you Dream.....

Our Dream came to us after having a very rough time in her former life and DRAWI saved her.  We met Dream and immediately fell in love with her and adopted her on the spot.  Her foster mom, Mary-an angel in her own right-told us that Dream lived up to her name and she was right.  She loved to dance and loved the Jay's potato chips right out of the cannister that fit oh so perfect in her mouth.  She loved her rescued brother, Lincoln, but boy she sure loved her mom the most!  She was so loved by the vet and the techs as well, they could do what they wanted and she never complained.  We are grateful to the rescue(DRAWI) for having faith in a dog like Dream and allowing her to live her last couple of years to be her best!  The heartbreak of loosing a Doberman is hard for all, but the great times we had and the love she gave us will live forever in our minds and hearts.  Until we meet again, sweet and gentle Dream, may you have all the dog bones you want over the bridgeheartbroken heart







Saturday afternoon, July 27 2019,  we had to say goodbye to our sweet, dear Dash. While cancer may have won in the end, we are so very thankful that we had the opportunity to rescue this boy and give him the love he deserved. His foster momma misses him very travels Dash-A-Man, you will always have a piece of our hearts.  



In  sweet  loving memory of our Angel:

Cherish your rescued dog every single day. Unbelievable how fast a decade passes, leaving forever footprints on your heart.


Dear Ruger
You were my loving boy for almost five years, surviving a cancer surgery only to have it come back this year.  I am looking around the house and it's so empty without you.  I miss you so much.  Love Dadbroken heart


Our Greta,

You blessed our lives for nearly five years.   Our perfect sassy princess … you have left our lives, but you will never leave our hearts.  Your beautiful personality made each day better and we are thankful for every minute we were able to spend with you.  We would give anything to have another just one more moment with you - forever would not have been enough.  

Our hearts ache and we miss you more than words could ever express. You will be missed every day until the day we meet again at the Bridge ….

  Mom, Dad & Thor 
She lived in a van and when she came here, she walked in and claimed her bed and said "this is my home."  It was love at first sight for both of us.  She never asked for anything other then love, food, belly rubs and to run free - which her mom gladly gave her for over 4 years, and she gave me the love in return.  She always cleaned Ross and Nala's ears and now they are wondering who will clean them.  I called her my princess because she was used to eating laying down and I'd feed her on a dog bed.  She was as sweet and loving as can be and is dearly missed by her Mom, Ross and Nala. 
See you at The Bridge my sweet Tessy,
Crabby Sue
You had a larger than life personality and lived life on full speed right until the end.  We lost you three years to the day you came into our lives and will always wish for just one more day with you.  You had the most expressive eyes ever - windows to your beautiful and loving soul. Your love was limitless and we are so blessed that you came into our lives.  We treasure each and every moment you gave us.  Until the day we meet again at the Bridge, our amazing Wyatt...
Love Mom, Dad & Greta
It was one year ago that we lost Vegas.  Vegas was my best friend ever, along with Nevada, and gave us years of unconditional love.  This picture illustrates his love of exploration and his truly gentle soul. Miss you, my friend - have fun hanging out with Nevada until we can all be together once again.
  Mom & Dad
Our precious girl Nevada passed away on October 4, 2016.  She was a gift from god who we adopted through ADDAMM in Milwaukee.  She had these amazing full of life eyes.  We have no idea how old she was but she gave us 8 years of limitless love.  We miss you already baby girl but take solace in rejoicing all the odds against you that you beat.  RIP gentle lady.  Until we meet again.
Words cannot express what a special dog you were, Roxy Roo.  You hold a permanent place in our hearts.  We are eternally grateful to have been able to give you the loving home you needed and deserved, and for the joy you gave us in return.
In loving memory of Coco...
In loving memory of Cajun:  You are sadly missed by your 'gang' ... it's not the same without you.
In loving memory of Brutus:  Life without you can never be as good as life with you was. RIP Brutus. We adopted you pretty much sight unseen, and you were the best friend our family could possibly have had.  We'd do anything to have you back.

In Loving Memory of Jade:   2000-2015 - RIP Jader potatoers my big brown russett.
In Loving Memory of Ruger : You  were a trooper to the end.  You played as though you felt no pain.  You tried super hard at obedience, but honestly kinda sucked at it!  You snuggled like the 75 pound lap dog you were  .....  a really great dog.
In Loving Memory of Matilda:  Matilda was the most gentle lady.  Our time may have been limited but she knew she was loved. Goodbye Princess Boo til we meet again.
6/17/2008 to 6/22/15
In Loving Memory of My Best Friend:
From Lily's foster Mom "My love for you Lily, runs very deep! You left way too soon.  You left with unfinished business, and I miss you so badly.  I love you Lily! every single one of Lily's on-line friends who supported her and her fundraisers, I wish we could've had the opportunity to meet you all in person!"
In loving memory of Lexus:
 ... She always put her head on my lap and looked at me like I love you.  She made me laugh till my face hurt with her antics.  always had a smile for me, like look at me mom!! She took co pilot seat in the car  and would lay with her head on my wrist and sleep in bliss. She would always let me know what time it was by putting her nose under the covers and flipping the blanket off, come on time to pee,  and treat time, massage time, she always knew and when it was her turn.   Her coat was beautiful and she shone like a new penny, her muscles just rippled when we would go for walks and she would always prance.  She would lick me  and wag her stubber and smile every day.  I thought we would have years together but was cut too short...
In loving memory of Big Chief:
It's been two years today (April 3, 2015) since your parents lost you.  You are missed incredibly.  Thank you for leading them to rescue.  I know you are looking down from the Bridge and can see all the dogs they are saving and the difference they are making, with a HUGE smile on your face.
In loving memory of Queen:
When Queen (12yrs) first came to me I had no idea what age related health problems she may have, and I worried that my dog (3yrs) would have too much energy for her.   I was very wrong.   Once Queen settled in at my house, she took all my worries away!   As it turned out, she had a LOT of energy and sometimes wore my young dog out!

It didn’t take long for Queen to steal my heart!   She was so full of life, energy, willingness, and happiness!   It didn’t hurt that she got along so well with my dog!   She loved to run and rough house with my dog, and never missed out on a walk!  

When the alarm clock went off in the morning I would try to ignore it now and again, but Queen wouldn’t let me.   She would bark and paw my head if I didn’t get up!   After all, it was time for the morning run!   Queen had plenty of personality, and I never had a dull moment with her!   I will miss her dearly, and will never forget her!   She is the Queen of my Heart! J   I will always love you Queenie!

In loving memory of Holly:
~~After Holly had been bounced by 4 homes in 2 years, I promised her I'd be her last and that we did for 7 years.  She loved people and people loved her, but when it came to other dogs, she was as crabby as her Crabby Mom and nailed them all.  I loved how we did down and play, how she crossed her legs like a lady and the sparkle in her eyes.  Hope you're having fun playing with Harley.  Tess and I miss you and pray to see you again one day.
          Love Mom & Tess
In loving memory of Titan:
We adopted Titan in May 2013. He was extremely skittish and scared of just about everything, but he had that look in his eyes that said "I need you".  Every day was an adventure! His favorite thing to do was go to my workplace and run like the wind. In June 2014 he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and within a few weeks had a massive tumor on his leg. Titan went to the rainbow bridge on August 29, 2014. We'll see you there one day Titan! Love, Mommy and Daddy

~ In my 30+ years of sharing my life with Dobermans, I've never had one quite like Harley. They are all unique and special in their own ways, but Harley was definitely one of a kind. He had been hit and dragged by a car, but the only way you knew that was his funny run and biting at his hips when they hurt. He loved everyone and everything and made me smile by just being himself. He was my constant shadow, bed partner and goof ball who loved to play with Oscar, Holly and Tess. Our hearts have been broken and we miss him terribly. I know he's waiting at the bridge (no more pain) with Jenny, Zipper, Tyler, Coco, Nala, Flash and Oscar.    ~Love Crabby Sue Mom

Miss Isis, "The Princess" left us suddenly on November 15, 2013, at home with her Mom. She dropped suddenly on the living room floor of heart failure. She was our Princess and former marathon runner that came to us 18 months ago and immediately took over her "domain". She loved the outdoors, going for walks and exploring the woods at the "cabin up north". She will be truly missed by her "subjects" here at home and by her best friend Morgan. Rest in peace, Miss will always be in our hearts. See you at the Rainbow Bridge!

In loving memory of Brewer
October 21, 2002 - December 14, 2012
In loving memory of Coby
June 24, 2004 - September 26, 2012

Web Image: Coby at lake

  1997 - 2012

Web Image: Ebony      



Web Image: Meika

OCT. 2000 to AUG. 2012

This absolutely wonderful, kind loving and loyal friend , died in my arms on Friday, August 24, 2012. She was to be 12 years old this October.  We were on vacation in the Michigan UP, when she went down with congestive heart failure . I had to take her in to the vet in Manistique, MI and have her laid to rest. The last week of her life was free, walk the wilderness trail...chasing chipmunks...swimming on the beach...and laying around in the shade under a huge oak tree. Fitting end for a loving, loyal friend. She will be waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge. I miss her dearly, and my heart is broken. Rest in Peace my loyal friend.   

To My Oscar
Though I only had you for 3 /12 years, it seems likeWeb Image: Oscar you were with Holly, Harley and I forever and we all miss you terribly. We miss
your little nibbles, you being my shadow, cocking your   head when you didn't understand what I was saying, and when you'd run around the yard teasing Holly and Harley to chase you.  You've taken a large piece of my heart with you, and I pray that one day we will be together again.

Web Image: Allie

Miss you my sweet Allie girl. 
February 25, 2002 to November 27, 2011

					Beloved Greta Jean
Web Image: Greta


He's the one, never can be replaced
  he is loyal, faithful; he is brave.
  I look into his deep brown eyes I see his beautiful soulWeb Image: Zeus 2.9.12
I see his love
And his trust within me
I hold no I am safe
I have his love and I trust within him
He is my best friend
he always walks beside me
Never lets me walk alone
He is my love; my guardian
I wrap my arms around him,
I his his sweet wet note
He is my boy, my whole heart and soul.
Till we meet again, I will hold you in my heart.
  - Lisa Brandburg-Hatley



 Light must shine above the bitter void
 my puppy and friend
   our life together over and bare
   a mother crushed by death
    my boy is gone
  smelly tongue
 s weetness
   his delicate love worshipped me
  he will run like the wind
  I cry here and ache and go away
  I will always love him
        Ann Nelson (for Sir Duke of Windsor IV, "Duke," June 25, 1986 - June 2, 1996)

My Best Lady Girl's Kai
October 30, 1998 - April 1, 2010 Miss you, baby girl

Sir Stetson's Dance
October 30, 1998 - December 1, 2010 My best friend, my companion, my protector - always with me

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