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We love to hear wonderful stories about how your Doberman changed your life.  To add your story, if you have adopted from us,  please email us at:



















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Zara is a super sweet two year old girl full of life and love. She loves to play with her toys and especially her new brother, Jordy, of the same age. Zara teaches me what she needs to learn and learns quickly. She is such a gem and I’m so grateful she’s here. heart

Bratz now known as Zeus

Bratz sure looks like a lucky guy.  Snuggling so close to his sister, Zena.  Bratz's family recently shared this picture of him pictured right and said how much he has settled in and loves his new home.  Sure looks that way to uswink

Hank now known as Hunter James

Just wanted to touch base with you real quick to let you know that Mr. Hunter James (Hank) is doing wonderful! He has settled in & made this his forever home! He is so happy & such a  wonderful loving pup! We couldn’t have picked a better member for our little family! He just warms our hearts on a daily basis! He is such a great big
brother to Athena. She loves him just as much as we do! We took him on his first road trip with us to Indiana to see my sister. He did so good! It was like he has been with us on many trips! 
I can’t thank you enough for letting him to come be a part of our family! 

Bindi Lou

Bindi is doing great! All the puppies get along wonderfully. She is getting better at car rides. I take all the puppies with me when I go a short distance or to my son's house. Now with the weather warming up, there won't be as many car rides. Trying to walk her is a different story. That will be a process!smiley
Thank you so much for the opportunity to give her a home. We just love her!heart


Just wanted to share an update and some pictures of our 2 dobie boys, Ares and Geno, who are both DRAW alums. As you can see they get along really well and enjoy trips to the dog park or local tennis courts to get some extra exercise. They also like their time napping, cuddling with their humans and just getting love and pets. Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to add both these guys to our family!! (Pictured forefront is Ares)


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